Lorraine Sangiacomo


Lorraine Sangiacomo



Lorraine Sangiacomo is a second generation partner of Sangiacomo Family Vineyards. The oldest of four children, she has lived and breathed agriculture from the day she was born. 

While her brothers have always been on the front line of the business, she prefers to work behind the scenes where she quietly oversees legal and financial matters. She has participated in all business decisions, even while working as an operating room nurse at Santa Rosa Hospital.

She has helped guide the family through good times and bad and is the keeper of the traditions that are the bedrock of both the family and the business.  She works hard to keep the family's Italian heritage alive, warmly inviting friends, relatives, and business associates to share an early morning cup of coffee or a noonday plate of freshly-made ravioli. More than a few business deals have been sealed at her kitchen table.

Over the years she has nurtured and mentored her nephews Mike and Steve and niece Mia as they have grown into the family business.

She lives on the ranch where she loves to tend to her vegetable garden, take long walks through the vineyards and host breakfast meetings with her family.

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