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Steve Sangiacomo



Steve Sangiacomo is a third generation partner at Sangiacomo Family Vineyards, located in Sonoma, California where his family has farmed since 1927. He grew up on the ranch and began learning the ropes from his father and extended family at a young age. As far back as he can remember, he clamored to tag along with his father and uncles during early morning frost protection after which he enjoyed a special treat -- doughnuts. He took to the fields early and recalls jumping off a tractor to race to seventh grade orientation. In his early 20s he began learning the family business from the ground up and in his 30s he and his brother Mike took over the reins.

Today Steve shares responsibility with his brother for managing the family’s 1600 acres of vineyards as well as grape sales to more than 70 premium wineries, many of whom vineyard-designate their wines with the Sangiacomo name. He also oversees his family’s own newly-released wine label, Sangiacomo Family Wines. He flat out loves his job, particularly the wide variety of responsibilities spanning the agricultural, strategic, and operational aspects of the business.

He has lived his entire life in Sonoma Valley with the exception of his college years at St. Mary’s where he studied business and economics and an internship at the Xerox Corporation. He never wavered, however, in his desire to return to the ranch.

Steve is a board member of the Sonoma County Winegrape Commission, the Sonoma Valley Vintners and Growers Association, the Sonoma County Grape Growers Foundation, and the Sonoma Valley Hospital Foundation.

A natural athlete, he calls upon his earlier experience as a high school basketball, football and baseball player as well as college football to serve as a volunteer coach for Little League baseball and CYO basketball.

Steve lives in Sonoma with his wife, Connie, and their sons Drew and Sam. When not in the vineyards or spending time with his family, he enjoys playing golf.

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