Roberts Road Pinot Noir grapes are amongst the most prestigious that our family cultivates. 


One sunny day Angelo Sangiacomo was out driving on his daily rounds checking on the vineyards when he stopped in to chat with his buddy Eddie Grossi, an organic farmer. Eddie asked if Ang’s family might be interested in buying a nearby parcel of land that had just come on the market.

Located at the base of Sonoma Mountain at the far northern edge of the Petaluma Gap next to Gap's Crown Vineyard, the parcel was outside of the area that the family was then farming. The land was previously cultivated for hay and corn and is adjacent to where the Crane family developed Crane melons. The area was unproven and the difference in climate was substantial enough to raise concerns for the family about whether the grapes could ripen.

But the family was very intrigued by the prospect and set about to do due diligence. They sought out a home winemaker nearby who had recently planted a teeny vineyard who assured them grapes would ripen. Soil tests showed little to no soil amendment was needed and a well could be drilled. In 1999, the family forged forward and purchased the property. In short order both the Roberts Road Vineyard and the Petaluma Gap region built a stellar reputation.


Pinot Noir grapes from Roberts Road Vineyard are amongst the most prestigious that the Sangiacomo family cultivate. The growing season is long, slow, and even, making for good balance. The vineyard stays in the fog until mid-day and it is always one of the last vineyards to be harvested.

Bordered by Copeland Creek on the north, the soil is very well drained with silty gravel. The vineyard is highly unusual in that it has two watersheds, with a meandering creek that fans left and then right. The southern end of the property drains to the San Pablo Bay while the northern section drains to the Russian River. 

First planted in 1999 to early ripening Chardonnay and Pinot Noir clones, today fourteen different combinations of clone and rootstock are in the vineyard. Twenty different wineries source grapes from Roberts Road Vineyard with over a dozen Pinot Noir vineyard-designated wines.

  • Certified Sustainable (CSWA)
  • Planted Acreage: 130
  • Varietals: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir
  • Appellations: Sonoma Coast and Petaluma Gap