Our Approach
The Family

It’s In Our Blood

Every day, we come in from the fields and brush the dust off our jeans—the same dust Vittorio and Maria Sangiacomo claimed when they purchase this land more than 80 years ago. Growing-up on the ranch meant developing an appreciation for what our family put into it. Not only regarding the cultivating of the best grapes possible, but a true and unwavering desire to carry on the tradition. That’s what legacy is all about.

The Second Generation

Sue & Buck Sangiacomo
“We have a climate that you can’t match anywhere. That’s why we have good grapes.” — Buck Sangiacomo

Lorraine Sangiacomo
“Vines are like family, they need tender loving care.” — Lorraine Sangiacomo

Angelo & Diane Sangiacomo
“The harder I work, the luckier I get.” — Angelo Sangiacomo

The Third Generation

Mike & Mia Pucci
“There’s a real sense of appreciation for the land after a successful harvest.” — Mike Pucci

Whitney & Michael Sangiacomo
“Our family vineyard’s stability forges strong customer relationships. They know who they’ll be dealing with year after year.” — Michael Sangiacomo

Connie & Steve Sangiacomo
“Every decision we make in the vineyard today is essentially one we make for our children’s future.” — Steve Sangiacomo

In Memorium

We remember our loved ones. Good, hardworking people who dedicated themselves to the enduring legacy of the Sangiacomo Family. We thank them for passing on their traditions and heritage to us.

Vittorio & Maria Sangiacomo

Bob Sangiacomo